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Bouquet #1  Mixed Floral Bouquet


The approximate size of the top mixed bouquet is about 2.5' tall and about 1.5' wide.  It contains a variety of flowers, including a few individual flowers that cost $3 each (example kale rose)

Bouquet #1
$25-$35 depending on selected flowers


                                                                Bouquet #2 


$20-$35 depending on the flowers selected 



Tulip Bouquet #3 


 $3 each (includes bulbs--this picture shows 3 bulbs) With the vase, this bouquet of tulips is $12.


Tulip Bouquets #4





































Bouquet #2

Mixed Flower Bridal Bouquet 

This is a bride's bouquet. The flowers were selected by the bride for a late Summer 2011 wedding. 






















Tulip Bouquets #3 & #4

These tulips are currently in season (as of May 15 to perhaps to the end of May).They are called "Pink Renown". The tulip bouquet #3 was picked May 13th and has been in the vase for 4 days. Note the very deep pink color of the three tulips to the left. The fourth tulip on the far right was green when picked but has begun to color up beautifully in the vase. Note that these tulips all have their bulbs attached in the vase. All our tulip buds are sold with the bulb. Tulip Bouquet #4 are the same flowers on the first day of being picked from the garden. Note the color is a pale pink that deepens to a vivid pink over several days.