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Take a look at our new "On-the-farm" Farm Store.
Below are a few pictures of the building of our farm store, where we now sell our "Abeille Alaska", our handmade beeswax and honey, skin, bath and body care. If you want to buy our products online, check out our Abeille Alaska Store. 

 Our farm store is located right on our farm at 5705 N Farm Loop Rd, just 5 miles northwest of Palmer on the Glenn Hwy.

From this skeleton of posts and beamsAbeilleAlaska/postandbeamskeleton.JPG   AbeilleAlaska/postandbeamsbeforewalls.JPG             

   We now have this sweet cosy little store
 AbeilleAlaska/STB_3338.JPG  AbeilleAlaska/postbeaminside.JPG AbeilleAlaska/fireplace.JPG


Here are some close up pictures of our products we offer in our 'on-the-farm' store
AbeilleAlaska/lotionsandperfs.JPG  AbeilleAlaska/lipbalmsmoist.JPG
AbeilleAlaska/soap.JPG      AbeilleAlaska/deodorant.JPG  AbeilleAlaska/beeswaxcandles.JPG   AbeilleAlaska/honey.JPG